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So, why buy Instagram followers?

Stand out, amplify your influence, and grow faster with 100% real followers.

Why should I buy Instagram followers?

Increase Social Proof 👍

When people stumble upon your account, they instantly look at your follower count. Ensure you're making a statement with real, active Instagram followers.

Drive Organic Growth 🌱

Instagram accounts with a low amount of followers get less engagement. Buying real followers will help you drive consistent engagement and organic growth.

Boost Exposure 🚀️

Whether you're looking to grow as a creator, influencer, or launch a brand, product or service - more Instagram followers will help you get there. Faster.

Hear from Instagram users like you

Hear from Instagram users who chose Stormlikes to grow and never looked back. Want to see more? Visit our reviews page.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

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Let our active followers meet your Instagram profile

The first impression of an Instagram account is the follower count. Think about it. If you hear about a new social media superstar, don't you immediately wonder about how many followers they must have? Or, whenever you add someone on Insta, isn't the followers count the first thing you look at? That's the case for most people, us included.

It's the ultimate metric that establishes a baseline of what you can expect from the account. Having a larger number of followers makes a profile appear more interesting, it makes people curious even before they start looking at the content. This is what we refer to as social proof, a phenomenon that describes the tendency of people to copy the behavior of others. You could say that having a large number of followers will naturally attract more likes, views, and in turn more followers. Buying followers is a great way to increase the attractiveness of your account and set it up for success.

Although it may seem like the ultimate solution, purchasing Instagram followers alone won't get you on the explore page nor will it increase conversions for a business Instagram account out of the blue. The benefits of buying Instagram followers (or likes, or views for that matter) come down to increasing the number of eyes that will see your content, therefore buying followers must go hand-in-hand with the creation of amazing content.

How many followers should I buy?

Will I get more organic growth after buying Instagram followers?

Here's how this works (across all social media). Whenever users visit your account you could think of them as potential followers that you have to convert into active followers. Visitors will essentially try to understand who you are and what you post.

For many Instagram accounts the what you post part is already in place. What we often find lacking is branding and social proof both of which strongly contribute to who you are. Simply having a large number of followers will drastically change how your account is perceived by your target audience and you will be able to convert visitors into new followers.

How many followers should I buy?

Consider how many active followers your account has right now and what your average engagement rate is before you buy followers. It might be tempting to double, triple, or even 10x your current followers on Instagram and just get it over with, but if your organic followers don't provide enough engagement then you'll have to start purchasing likes and views too (which we can help you with).

Your best bet is to purchase Instagram followers in smaller batches but do so often. That way you can grow more naturally and adapt your strategy if needed.

Why should I buy Instagram followers from Stormlikes?

Our team has been providing social media marketing services across multiple social media platforms since 2013. We know all the ins and outs when it comes to Instagram followers, likes and views - all of which can be bought on Stormlikes in just a few clicks. Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. We want to be your reliable partner when it comes to growing your online presence.

When buying followers from Stormlikes, you're guaranteed:

  • The best quality on the market. You can rely on all of our followers being of the highest quality, blowing our competitors out of the water.

  • The most reliable service. We have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our delivery systems can tackle even the largest orders.

  • Many unique features. You're able to configure delivery speed and we'll send you a live tracking link so that you can see the progress of your order.

  • Cheapest prices for the value. You are getting premium followers with real accounts from Stormlikes at fake followers prices.

  • Friendly support around-the-clock. We're here to help not only with your orders but with your social media presence in general.

How to buy Instagram followers?

How to buy Instagram followers?

Stormlikes has streamlined the process so that you can buy Instagram followers quickly, reliably, and safely. Before we start, you have to ensure that your account is public as we can't deliver followers on Instagram to private accounts. Now, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose an Instagram followers package on this page.

  2. On checkout, enter your Instagram username. We'll load your profile picture and data so that you can verify that you've selected the correct account.

  3. Now, complete the payment using Apple Pay or your card (which you can save for later use).

That's all. Done! You will receive a tracking link where you can see the progress of your order in real-time and you should start seeing new followers on your account shortly.

Act before you regret missing this opportunity later.

This could be the moment that changes everything and pushes your Instagram presence to new heights. Seize it.

Questions about Instagram followers?

Have any questions on how to buy Instagram followers from Stormlikes? Review our answers below or reach out to our friendly support.

Where is the safest place to buy Instagram followers?

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Multiple factors play a crucial role when purchasing followers. Let's go through each of them here:

  • Quality: Always look for genuine, real active followers.

  • Safety: Never provide sensitive information. Only a username is required to deliver Instagram followers.

  • Reliability: It's important to use a reliable service that always delivers your IG followers on time.

  • Price: Higher prices don't always guarantee better quality, focus on value instead.

  • Support: A friendly support that helps you with your Instagram questions and growth all the way.

  • Trial: If a website doesn't provide you with a trial for any of their services, this means that they're not confident in their services.

Stormlikes ticks all those boxes above.

So, is Stormlikes the safest website to buy Instagram followers on? We're confident in our service and quality. Try and decide for yourself.

Can my account get banned for buying followers?

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The short answer is no, you will not get banned, that measure is reserved for people who abuse Instagram by posting inappropriate content or by spamming. In our long history, we haven't seen a single case of an account being banned for purchasing any of our Instagram services: likes, followers or views. Even accounts with blatantly fake Instagram followers seem to be doing fine.

This doesn't mean that you can go on a shopping spree and just buy whatever. We proudly present this service as high-quality followers for a reason. Buying fake Instagram followers may lead to a temporary decrease in your account's reach, commonly known as a shadow-ban which is a nasty thing to deal with. Therefore it's best to go with trusted and reliable vendors that care about quality such as Stormlikes.

Does my account need to be public to get Instagram followers?

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Yes, it's very important that your Instagram account is public whenever you're purchasing followers. Otherwise, your order might fail and we will have to start over. However, you can switch back to a private account once we've finished delivering your order.

Whenever you're on our checkout buying followers we'll check whether your account is private and let you know in case you have to go public. This way you don't have to keep this in mind every single time you purchase from us.

What's your delivery time for Instagram followers?

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Stormlikes allows you to control your delivery speed, so delivery time in and of itself is customizable. It always starts instantly within 60 seconds of placing your order. However, how long it takes is up to you and the number of followers that you have chosen.

You will receive a tracking link after buying followers which will allow you to see the live progress of your order. This way you will always know what's going on.

How can you tell if someone bought Instagram followers?

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It depends. If a user bought followers from a reliable website that delivers real accounts you won't be able to tell that something fishy is going on. Usually, however, that is not the case. People opt-in to buy the cheapest fake followers and those can be identified in no time. So, if the Instagram profile is set to public you can:

  1. Go to their Instagram profile

  2. Click on their follower count

  3. Inspect the profiles. Do they look like real Instagram followers? Do they have profile pictures, posts, and stories? If not, the user has most likely purchased followers.

As you can see, it's easy to tell if someone has bought low-quality followers. Here's where Stormlikes shines. We provide only high-quality followers which makes the process above useless.

Is Stormlikes legit for buying Instagram followers?

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Absolutely! Stormlikes is the go-to place if you need to buy real Instagram followers. We have been a leader in social media engagement services for over a decade and have received praise from reputable publications such as Mashable, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and National Post for our commitment to providing high-quality Instagram followers.

What's more important to us is the praise of our users who have rated Stormlikes a whopping 4.9 out of 5 with hundreds of reviews. We'd like to believe that we're loved by our customers for being the only platform that ensures that whenever you buy IG followers, you're getting the real deal.

Is buying Instagram followers a good idea?

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Yes, followers are a requirement if your ambition is to create a persistent online presence. It plays a crucial role in your success on any social media platform. The follower count is ultimately the most important metric that influencers, celebrities, and businesses are judged by.

So naturally, buying real Instagram followers is a marketing strategy in and of itself. A larger following simply demonstrates social proof, showing others that your content is worth watching and following. Therefore, buying followers is a strategic move that will help you build credibility and attract more organic followers.

What makes Stormlikes different from other services for Instagram followers?

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Stormlikes stands out because we offer the unique ability to buy real Instagram followers, tailored by country and gender. Our platform was the first to provide a personalized approach, backed by competitive prices and a world-class support team dedicated to your success. Many choose to buy IG followers from us after less-than-satisfactory experiences elsewhere.

Do influencers buy Instagram followers?

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We can't speak for all influencers, but we have certainly helped some influencers boost their followers on Instagram. It's the best shortcut one can take at the beginning of your journey or if you ever feel like you're stuck. Besides followers, influencers are keen on purchasing likes and views in order to keep the engagement going and get featured on the Explore page more often. It's widely known that the higher the engagement rate your profile has, the more sponsorships you will get.

Besides Instagram followers, what other growth services do you offer?

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We offer a comprehensive suite of services to boost your Instagram profile, including:

Want more automated solutions?

Can I receive Instagram followers automatically?

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We offer automatic services for buying IG likes and views which can significantly enhance your Instagram strategy by boosting every new upload on your account with engagement. However, we do not offer a similar service for followers.

Instead, we have made it easy for you to decrease the speed of the delivery of your followers which allows you to make the followers increase appear more natural. Besides that, if you wish to regularly buy smaller quantities of Instagram followers you can save your payment method (or use Apple Pay) to significantly speed up the checkout process.

What payment methods do you accept for buying Instagram followers?

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Stormlikes accepts all major credit and debit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and also offers the convenience of Apple Pay for seamless transactions.

All of your payment data is tokenized and processed by an authorized payment network partner in accordance with the strict PCI DSS standards. All connections on Stormlikes are secured by 256-bit encryption.

Can I buy IG followers with Apple Pay?

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Yes, using Apple Pay to buy Instagram followers is an option available for Apple device users, providing a quick and secure way to make purchases without entering payment details.

Do you require my Instagram credentials?

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We do not require your Instagram password or any login details. To deliver our award-winning Instagram follower services, your Instagram username is all that's needed.

Will I need to register on Stormlikes?

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No registration is required to buy Instagram followers from us. Simply choose your package, and we'll handle the rest.

What is your refund policy?

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We offer a full refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied with our services. Additionally, if service delivery hasn't started within 72 hours of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund. Contact our support team anytime!

How can I get more followers, likes, and views on Instagram?

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Stormlikes is your all-in-one solution for Instagram growth. By integrating our services - buying Instagram followers, likes, and views - you can ensure organic growth and increased engagement on your account.

Will buying Instagram followers affect the algorithm?

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Buying Instagram followers can positively impact the algorithm if they are real followers. Unlike services that offer fake views or bot-filled accounts, Stormlikes provides followers from authentic, active users, which is favored by Instagram's algorithm.

Ready to order? We're ready to deliver!

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